Takeuchi TW60 Series 2 Wheel Loader

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Takeuchi TW60 Series 2 Wheel Loader

Compact and nimble, the TW60 Series 2 is well-equipped to handle a wide range of jobs and attachments. A universal hydraulic skid steer coupler enables the TW60 Series 2 to utilize a wide range of skid steer attachments, and it is easily controlled from the operator’s station. The quiet and turbocharged engine is equipped with a DOC/DPF exhaust after-treatment system and produces 61 horsepower (45.6 kW) for excellent power and performance around the job site. 100% locking differentials can be engaged at low speeds allowing the operator to work in varied terrain and extreme conditions. Daily maintenance and inspections are simple to perform on the TW60 Series 2 due to the engine hood that opens overhead providing access to key inspection points and grease points that are easily accessed on the loader and articulation points.

Stock Number:TW60-S2


Hinge Pin Height

10′ 9.7″


2,953 lb

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