New Holland Workmaster™ Utility 50 – 70 Series Tractor

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New Holland Workmaster™ Utility 50 – 70 Series Tractor

New Holland salutes a generation of doers by introducing a new line of tractors with a familiar name – WORKMASTER™. Popular in the 1960s, the original WORKMASTER models were known for their dependability and value. Today, it’s no different. Whether you’re mowing, moving, baling or loading, new WORKMASTER tractors work hard, are easy to afford, and at the end of the day, deliver the satisfaction of a job well done.
  • Rugged construction and simple drivelines help make WORKMASTER tractors the dependable, economical choice.
  • Turbocharged, direct-injected, common rail engines save fuel and meet strict Tier 4B final emissions requirements with a system that’s completely automatic.
  • For added grip and performance in slippery and challenging conditions, upgrade to the 4WD front axle with limited slip, and front differential lock.
  • WORKMASTER models at 53, 60, and 70 horsepower serve as ideal mid-size tractors for municipalities, landscapers, grounds crews, farmers, and ag lifestylers.
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