Morbark Eeger Beever 1215 Brush Chipper

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Morbark Eeger Beever 1215 Brush Chipper

With its power and easily transportable design, the compact and economical Eeger Beever 1215 Brush Chipper is everything you need and nothing that you don’t. The ideal machine for utility line clearing, residential tree care, rental yards, and municipalities. Remove the anxiety of engaging the chipper drum, damaged drive belts, and burned clutch discs, and elevate your operating experience with the exclusive Morbark ZeroClutch™ available now on select engine packages. Simply start, throttle the machine to full RPM’s and engage the feed control bar. The Morbark ZeroClutch features an integrated drum speed sensor that monitors the drum speed and will not allow the clutch to engage if the material is lodged between the feed wheel and drum, or the discharge chute is plugged. Ask your Morbark dealer or representative about the Morbark ZeroClutch today.

Stock Number:1215


Infeed Opening

31" x 60"

Throat Opening

12" x 15"


14.5" x 21.4"

Max Chipping Capacity


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